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In this Beginner’s Guide, you will learn the basics of 3D Printing and everything you need to know to design and print your own custom cookie cutters. It’s as easy as 10 steps in my One Page Process! All programs and techniques within this book are compatilble with all 3D Printers. The designs will be saved as a Gcode and inserted into your printer. The only thing that would change is the how you access the settings on your particular printer (your printer manual will explain how to reach the settings). Once you're in the settings, the setting changes will be the same for all printers.


105 Pages of content and 7 Video Tutorials that cover all the basics and advanced techniques of printing cutters using free software. A roll of filament on average is $20 and can print around 110 cookie cutters. That's only 18 cents a cutter!


This Guide Includes: 3D Printing Vocabulary Intro to 3D Printing Recommendations for 3D Printers Supplies The Process of Designing, Slicing, and Printing a Cookie Cutter Types of Filament Leveling the Bed Bed Adhesion Design Programs Troubleshooting And so much more! In this Guide, I use Ultimaker Cura as the Slicing Program. If you prefer another Slicing Program, it will vary slightly, but all Slicing Programs have similar characteristics and functions. The settings provided will not be the same exact dimensions used for the cutters & STL files that we sell. These settings will be a great foundation for customizing your cutter based on your preferences. (We do not share our exact cutter settings/dimensions).


Once Purchased you will have instant access to links & files! Link will expire within 30 days so don't wait! (Once downloaded, the book & videos are yours forever). Any issues downloading, please contact PDF Digital Downlaod can be viewed on a desktop computer or laptop. On iphone, copy the PDF to your "Books" app & enjoy! This is an instant downloadable product, therefore, all sales are final. No refunds. Feel free to print the guide for tangible use, but your use only. You may not reproduce or use this content to distribute on your own. No portion of this document may be reproduced in any form without written permission from Frosted by Meagan.

3D Printing 101: A Beginners Guide to Printing Custom Cookie Cutters

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