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Frosted by meagan


Cookies for all occasions in the edmond, Ok area

i cannot ship my cookies

to my customers

Let’s be honest, if you just wanted a basic sugar cookie, you would go to Walmart. You want much more than that!  I take all the details & inspiration you can provide me with to dream up the tiny pieces of edible art displayed at your party. 


Each cookie is carefully crafted to tell a story.  Elle’s first birthday, Maddi & Luke’s engagement, Lindsey is having a baby!  I get to have a tiny part in these life changing events & I don’t take that lightly. 


My goal is for each cookie to encompass the personality of the person it’s for.  I want you to walk into a room, see a display table of cookies iced in rich, deep, hues & macramé piped strand by strand & know, these are clearly for your sister, the bohemian bride!!  The best part?  They taste good too!!  Because, after all, is it even a cookie if it’s not delicious?


to my fellow cookiers

So you’ve decided to make cookies?  As my grandma would say, bless your heart! Only fellow cookiers can fully understand the level of patience, drive, and talent it requires to craft tiny pieces of edible art that get devoured within seconds.


I am so glad you found my page!  I know how overwhelming it can be to start a cookie company from scratch.  That’s why I step outside my own cookie world to answer questions, provide guidance, & offer support to my fellow cookie friends (That’s you!).


It is my mission to help others gain confidence & express their personality & creativity through their own cookies.  The business world is tough, & I’m just trying to make it a little bit sweeter.


Follow my journey @frosted_by_meagan on insta!

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quality ingredients

All of my cookies are baked with love & sprinkled with a little Jesus! Please take note of the following ingredients to ensure there are not any allergy concerns.


Ingredients used in decorated sugar cookies: butter, sugar, eggs, flour, pure vanilla extract, powdered sugar, & meringue powder.






in love

1 COrinthians 16:14


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