The purpose of these Excel charts is to provide you with the tools to calculate your income, expenses, & profit.  We've put together step by step instructions for entering and calculating income, expenses, and a rough estimate on hourly wage.  
Using these tools can show you how much you need to be charging in order to make a profit. I know the accounting side of running a business can be intimidating, so hopefully these tools will help!
Compatible with Numbers for Mac Users, Microsoft Excel, and Google Sheets. For Google Sheets simply upload the file to Google Drive, right click and select "Open With", then choose "Google Sheets".
Excel Charts Include:
Income Charts
	Gross Weekly/Monthly Profit
	Hourly Wage
	Net profit Weekly/Monthly/Annually

Expense Charts
	Your cost per cookie
	Your cost of Icing
	Vehicle Mileage Log

Plus MORE!
All this will automatically calculate your expenses and what you are actually profiting! These charts keep track of your income and expenses making it easy to provide to your accountant or file taxes yourself. The accounting side of cookie-ing can be intimidating, but these charts simplify the process giving you clear answers for your business. 
Must have access to Microsoft Office Excel.
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Bookkeeping for Cookiers

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