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Planning Sets: The Secret to Finding Inspiration Outside of Cookies


A question I get asked often is “How do you create a unique set that isn’t based on other cookies?”. I get it. Scrolling social media and seeing these amazing cookie sets flood your screen.. can be both inspirational and terrifying! How do they think of that? Why can’t I find my own style? It feels like I’m just copying everyone else..


Maybe, you WANT to create a unique set but your clients send you cookie sets and expect you to replicate that. How do you have the option of creative control if your clients won’t give it to you?


GOOD NEWS FRIENDS. This guide will help you navigate the world of cookie planning and discussing creative control with your clients. The tricks and tips in this guide will provide you with the tools you need to pull inspiration from sources outside the cookie community. You will be empowered to re-direct your clients’ vision with a simple script that leaves them feeling excited to work with a talented cookie artist like yourself! What are you waiting for?? Take back control & let your creativity run wild! BONUS CONTENT: The basics of Procreate (using Procreate to plan out your cookie sets). 


This Digital Guide Includes:


  • How to gain inspiration outside of the cookie community

  • How to plan out a unique and balanced set

  • How to gain creative control from clients 

  • Scripts to send to your client based on your preferences

  • How to politely decline orders that don’t spark JOY!

  • The basics of Procreate: How to use Procreate to plan out your set!


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Feel free to print the guide for tangible use, but your use only. You may not reproduce or use this content to distribute on your own.  No portion of this document may be reproduced in any form without written permission from Frosted by Meagan.

Planning Sets: The Secret to Finding Inspiration Outside of Cookies

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