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Okay friends. Here’s how our alphabet sizing works!

The letters for each size category (Small, medium, large, & XL) will all be cohesive. So, if you purchase any of the small letters.. the letter height will be the same and spelling a word will be cohesive! (To clarify, all the small letters are 2.5 inches excluding the floral details, the standard letters are all 3 inches and so on).


The heights and widths vary based on the floral details but the actual letter height for each sizing category will be the same.


Here’s the tricky part! Some letters are clearly wider than others (I vs W). So, if you are purchasing a single letter, pay close attention to the dimensions! The letters I & J are skinnier than a W or an M. You may want to size up if purchasing an Individual I or J, or size down if purchasing an individual M or W.

Check out this video for a visual on the different sizing and what dimensions may work best for you!

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